Uber Technology

 Uber Technology


Uber technology is an international mobile riding company headquartered in the California, San Francisco. The company offers its service to those consumers who submit their request using Smartphone’s application. The Uber mob app is contemporarily used in 58 countries and 300 cities of the world. The popularity of the Uber mobile car service has given rise to a significant debate where the local taxi drivers disagree with the Uber mobile service model and has demanded its immediate cease in the country.   

Laws limiting Uber Operations

The penetration of Uber car service in the New York was not easy without complying with the local rules and law. The drivers of Uber service were initially not allowed to operate in the city by NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). The drivers of Uber were also required to obtain their driving license and to register their cars with the plates of TLC. Also, the drivers of Uber were required to submit their social security card, state driver’s license, and insurance card along with the certificate. The imposition of such laws by TLC forced Uber drivers to limit their operations until the fulfillment of all the necessary documentation and requirements. Other than New York, the activities of Uber services were affected in many of those countries where the company had the large share in the transportation Industry. One of the significant examples includes Australia and Australian capital territories where the Australian Taxation Office ordered the business to have an Australian business number and registration for the general sales tax. In response to the government’s laws and restrictions, the business sued a case in the Federal Court against ATO disputing that these laws are unjust and harming the business significantly.     

Impact on Uber

It is analyzed that several taxi companies filed cases against Uber riding service because Uber drivers neglected the essential laws and rules. The fundamental rules that are supposed to be followed equally by all the cab drivers are not taken into consideration by Uber drivers that have ultimately affected the business of Uber in many places at the mass level. The illegal method of business followed by Uber is promoting capitalism where the competition to earn the profit is increasing and subsequently affecting the planned economy of the country. Also, the business has no direct association with the taxi companies which is giving liberty of avoiding essential taxes. It is observed that growth of Uber in the international market has enhanced the chances of inequality in the society as the core focus of the business is on the earning of profit.

The net worth of Uber in the year 2015 was estimated to be $62.5 billion which depicts that in the past few years, the business of Uber has expanded significantly. However, neglecting the laws of regions where the service was operated gave shocking results to the business of Uber. During its growth, the company faced conflicts with government and local taxi associations such as with the government of Berlin who banned the operation in the city in the year 2014. Also, the operation of Uber was affected in London, Madrid and Paris due to numerous protests of Taxi drivers against Uber Company.

Criticism from Public and Experts

It is believed that Uber had been severely criticized by the environmental analyst claiming that the pollution has been the prolonged issue of the state but it is still unimaginable and unpredicted that how much these hailing services are contributing to daily emissions. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, ride-hailing trips in current times is resulting in an average of 69 percent extra climate pollution than the trips they transfer. In major cities, uber trips typically displace low-carbon trips, like public transportation, biking, or walking. Uber could diminish the amount of these emissions with a more intensive effort towards electrifying its fleet of transportation or by encouraging its customers to join pooled rides.

 The Uber company has revolutionized the taxi and private vehicle hire market within the 10 years of its operation. Its model in various parts of Europe of digitally matching expert drivers with riders, coupled with fare estimations dealt in advance, and the facility to cater comment on drivers’ services, has facilitated customers in cities worldwide a more appropriate alternative to old-style taxi companies, many of which work with poor reputations. However, currently is the only environmental cost of Uber becoming clear.

Many experts together with the American studies claim that there has been fear amongst people regarding prevalence of Uber that has increased road traffic in the cities where it runs, and persuading people off public transport. According to one of the researches, most of the ride hailing companies like Uber have approximately added 5.7 billion miles (9.2bn km) of driving all over the country. Around 60% of the Uber users have remarked that they would have instead walked, cycled or used public transport if services like Uber had not been available in their city. Other research based on the transportation have revealed that in most of the major cities of United States where Uber service is prevalent including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, the total number of Uber vehicles has been increasing more rapidly than the population of that place. 

Deontological ethics

The deontological ethics is the study that is based on obligation, duty, and moral judgments. The Theory of Deontological ethics focuses on the association between the responsibilities and the ethics that are concerned with the human actions. In the theory of deontology, the action is well recognized due to its moral characteristics and appreciated by its morality. The doctrine of deontology judges the worth of the action by its conformity to any particular rule or law, not on the observation of its result. In the case of Uber car service, it is acknowledged that the satisfaction level of the people has risen to the great extent. Also, the community is taking advantage of cheap fare from Uber, whereas the consequences of Uber riding service are not satisfactory for taxi drivers, taxi companies, and government.



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