Theme Park- Mini Tour with Health Benefits

 Theme Park- Mini Tour with Health Benefits


Theme parks are considered as the best vacation attractions for people. These parks are equipped with diverse variety of foods, drinks, shows and attractions for the people of all ages. Most of the theme parks are entertaining due to their thrilling and casual family rides. No matter if you are visiting theme park in the winter to experience hot drinks and cottages covered with snow or whether you intend to visit it during the peak season time in the summer to enjoy water rides and heart-stopping spots on roller coasters, it is always be adventurous, and memorable for you and you friends to enjoy.

Best for Walking

The best part of theme park is that you walk miles without even realizing it as these parks can cover vast areas up to 100 sq. miles. Considering their large area, you will have to walk long enough in a theme park. During the typical visit, you usually experience variety of backtracking and zig-zagging to reach from one ride or show to another. It is estimated that a person has to walk an average of 5 to 10 miles keeping in view the size of theme park. In this way, you can easily burn around 500 to 1000 calories in your body.

It Burns your Calories

Researches have proved that while riding the crazy rides, you actually burn lot of calories. Usually on a roller coaster ride, you just sit and scream your lungs, but in reality, you do burn calories while on the rides. Most of the people disagree to this fact, but riding roller coasters is an entertaining method to burn off fat. According to the team of scientists, artists, engineers, and designers that is termed as the Thrill Laboratory have concluded that there are some attractions in theme parks in different parts of UK where the riders get to burn their calories between 40 to 70.

Relieves Stress

It is estimated by some clinical psychologist most of the high-tempo rides including Expedition Everest at Walt Disney World in Florida expose the riders to fear which is considered good. Despite the fact that these rides result in plummeting drops, heart-stopping twists and nauseatingly sharp turns, still the human brains related these rides to be “safe” and “predictable”.

Advances Mood

When you take a roller coaster ride and come back with intense rush, you actually bring high excitement and happiness in your mood. It is indicated that rides with higher altitude helps in more endorphins released on the descent. The research shows that intensive endorphin helps in increasing alertness and boost your energy level. When the roller coaster ride takes you 20 stories up in the air, the worries growing in your mid become small. It is therefore believed that visiting theme park is one of the best ways to avoid your day-to-day worries.

Provides a Rush of Adrenaline

The interesting part is that “good fear” during crazy rides possess many other advantages too. The studies demonstrate that while initiating thrilling rides like roller coaster, the bodies starts to release adrenaline and endorphins, that produces similar type of natural high that is usually received from strenuous physical exercise and nurtures good emotions. It is also estimated that such rides are also productive for relationships as they help couples to seek each other out for protection and comfort.

Tones the Muscles

You may have experience this in your life at least once that when you are thrown around the corners during ride and forced down hundred-foot drops, within a second you prepare your mind whether to clutch the handrail or raise your arms up in the sky. During this moment, the muscles of the body get tighten, mainly the core as you expect the upcoming turns and drops of the ride.

Casual workout

When a person enjoys rides, the thrill helps the body to release adrenaline and endorphins. Besides, you get the inner feeling to enjoy these moments to its fullest as you hug those thrills. The chemicals produced in your body during such rides naturally assist in toning your muscles and release a sweat even when you are just navigating through the theme park.

Overcome your fears

Some people avoid to take part in thrilling rides or crowds places. For such people, theme parks could not be the pleasurable spot or rides may not be the interesting activity. However, these stresses and fears of these kinds can leave harmful impacts on your immune system. It is therefore believed that if you want to conquer your fears, visiting amusement parks is one the best idea to do that. Waiting long in the crowded place and keenly waiting for your turn in roller coaster ride can help in boosting the confidence, self-esteem, and leads towards encouragement to conquer all the fears you have while enjoying your life unconstrained.

Fosters bonding time with family and friends

It is preferred to have fun in theme parks with friends and family rather than going alone.  People who like to spend time at such adventurous places with their loved ones are believed to have more strong bonding in the life. Besides, people dealing with anxiety and stress should at least visit theme parks for fun once in a month as it may help them to spend good time with their loved ones and relief some of their stress.

Great way to socialize

If you have decided to visit theme park with your friends or associates, it is believed that this trip will help you with the opportunity to understand people close enough. The reason is that theme parks possess casual and funny environments that helps you to strike up a conversation with someone you feel interested to know better. In addition to that, even if you have planned the trip with those with whom you are familiar enough just like family and close friends, make sure that this trip will be suitable for both adults and kids to have effective interaction.



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