The Best Ways to Invest in Yourself in Your 30s

 The Best Ways to Invest in Yourself in Your 30s

As we grow older, it becomes clearer and clearer that there’s more to life than just the world around us. When we’re young, we’re caught up in trying to get external validation from those around us such as close friends, family, and people that we aspire to be like.

We spend a large part of our teenage years as well are our twenties gradually coming to the realization that it’s important to invest in ourselves as well. However, for many of us, it isn’t until we’re in our thirties that the thrill of being young and energetic starts to fade and reality starts to set in. That’s when we start taking this realization seriously.

That’s not to say that being in your thirties means that it’s too late. It’s never too late to start applying the things we’ve learned into our lives. In fact, making changes in your thirties might actually have a positive twist—you know enough about the world at this point to make some solid, meaningful changes that help you lead a more authentic life.

Here are some ideas on how to invest in yourself when your thirties kick in.

Invest in Your Health

As you get older, you notice that you’re not as flexible as you used to be. You’re going to have problems doing the same things you previously used to manage easily. Even sleeping at the wrong angle can leave you with a neck ache.

That’s why your older self will thank you if you start prioritizing your health by the time you reach your thirties. Join a gym, a yoga class, or even a dance class. Start thinking about how much sugar you’re consuming. It may seem painful to cut down on the sweets or start incorporating greens into your diet, but not lowering your sugar intake now could lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments in your later years.

Investing in your health also means regularly getting checked up if you do sense a problem. Many of us ignore back or muscle pains because of our busy schedules. We don’t prioritize finding out the underlying reasons for our illnesses, meaning that something that could have been managed may become unmanageable by the time we’re in our 50s or 60s.

Find a Hobby That Makes You Feel Alive

Work and responsibilities slowly become larger and larger parts of our lives as we get older. Because of financial stress, having people depend on us for schooling or health issues, etc., we may never get a chance to find a job that we truly enjoy. While this is a harsh reality to have to face, it’s not all negative because there are some things you can do to minimize the effects of work and pressure on your life.

You can do this by finding a hobby that fills you with joy and that you are passionate about. Find a hobby that surrounds you with a sense of community as well, because being an adult can get lonely if you have to go through life’s stress on your own.

The best communities are those that have similar values as you. For example, a community where everyone believes in the importance of reading and sharing their views on different works of literature. Or a community that believes in the therapeutic powers of dance and music. Likeminded people who share a core value with you help you feel more connected and give you a space to de-stress and recharge yourself.

Start Thinking About Your Purpose

Not everyone has a life-changing purpose in their life. Your purpose in life may not be to end poverty or make education accessible for every child on earth, but you still have a reason for being here.

That reason could be to bring hope to the lives of those who have gone through similar experiences as you. It could be to be place of healing and support for those less privileged, be it abandoned pets or children who’ve been in and out of foster homes.

You find your purpose in life by thinking about what you wish you had when you were in a time of need. For example, if you truly wished that as a young teenager, you had an adult figure to guide you and help you through the changes you were experiencing—considering mentoring kids or investing in organizations that support therapists and counselors.

The reason why it’s so important to find something that gives you purpose is because as you progress through life, you run the risk of falling into a routine that makes life feel meaningless or empty. You may not always have the family and friends around you that you have now, which makes it essential to be able to rely on yourself and give yourself a sense of direction even then.

Other people can make us feel a sense of purpose for the time being, but the reason why your thirties are so important is because they teach you how to find a sense of self from within. So that no matter what external changes you go through, such as the loss of loved ones, isolation, retirement, etc., you always have a way to describe who you are and what you bring to the world.

Final Words

No article can tell you everything there is to know about investing in yourself in your thirties. You learn a lot about life as you go, with everyone having their own experiences and learning their own lessons. However, the aspects mentioned above apply to everyone, no matter who they are or where they stand in life.

This is because they make up some of the most essential elements of being a human. Of being someone that feels a sense of belonging and purpose in their life. Everyone wants to live in a world where they feel as though they’re worthy of existing, and investing in these three aspects is sure to help you feel that way.



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