Positive Impacts of Sun Exposure

 Positive Impacts of Sun Exposure

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As we all know that the ultraviolet (UV) rays of sun can result in skin cancer together with the premature aging.  In such times, wearing sunscreen helps the person to protect himself from such harmful rays and its aftermaths. However, there are also researchers found that demonstrates how sunlight can be important to our health positive ways too. According to the research, it is found that skin cancer is one of those prevalent diseases in America that takes one life every hour. It is analyzed that the reason behind most of these skin cancer cases is the exposure to UV light. It does not mean that you completely avoid the sunlight and stay at home all day. The strategy is to maintain the balance and make use of common sense in order to protect yourself in every possible way.  In this article, you will be briefed with some important facts that can help you to make important choices when you move outside of your home during daytime.   The health care professionals are of the opinion that sun can be the best friend to your body. It does not only assist in boosting the mood but can also be effective in treating you through depression and SAD. Besides, the rays of sun can also have tangible benefits to our physical well-being.


According to one of the scientific researches, it is found that sunlight leaves considerable effect on your brain and helps in activating the release of good brain chemicals in your body known as serotonin. It means that time you spent outside during sunlight enables you to boost your mood and relieve anxiety. In addition to that, most of the people may get into depression known as seasonal-affective disorder if they don’t take enough sunlight during winter months. However, some studies have also shown that in very rare cases, sunlight may result into depression for some people.

The best part is that a person you can counter the impacts of SAD, or a bad mood, while preventing himself from exposing into harmful UV rays. It is stated by most of the health care professionals that ultraviolet light is not that much essential to stay better, as all you need is visible light. Besides, if you are sitting in the bright room, that will be more than enough. In addition to that, you can also effectively use special light boxes that are designed to prevent your skin from UV rays.

Vitamin D levels

Sunlight is very essential for your body in building vitamin D. it is one of the considerable nutrients that helps you to keep your bones and brain healthy. In addition to that, you can find Vitamin D in almost all sorts of food you eat. It is therefore you can either take vitamin D from sun exposure or from supplements and fortified foods just like milk. According to some health experts, fatty fish such as salmon is highly rich in vitamin D. It is estimated that in order to fulfill the requirement of vitamin D, you don’t have to sit in front of sunlight for hours mainly if you possess pale skin or red hair. The study has shown that sunlight exposure for maximum 5 to 30 minutes twice a week in which your face, arms, legs, or back exposed without sunscreen is more than enough to stay healthy. It is examined that many Americans are still deprived from sunlight. And due to excessive cases of skin cancer, the American Academy of Dermatology has advised the people to fulfill the requirement of vitamin D from a healthy diet or supplements rather than exposing themselves in unprotected sunlight.

Heart health

According to the scientific research, it is proved that deficiency of vitamin D can result in cardiovascular disease. One of the scientists in Denmark conducted a research in 2013 in which he found that although sun exposure may lead to skin cancer but still it is has considerable impact of protecting the human heart. Upon examining the 4 million medical records, it was found that people who were diagnosed with the skin cancer disease were less likely to have any heart reacted issue. As the studies are indicating that major cause of skin cancer can be sun exposure, it is also revealed alongside that exposure to sunlight may have considerable benefits for the health.

Strong bones and muscles

Pertaining to same Danish study, it was also found that people having history of skin cancer were less likely involved in any lower risk of hip fractures in individuals younger than 90. The fact demonstrates that vitamin D assist the body to absorb calcium, which is significant for the keeping the bones healthy. Not only bones, but Vitamin D is also believed to be vital for the muscle health. in addition to that, people with low levels have greater chances to experience muscle cramps and joint pain issues. It is analyzed that sunscreen ceases the ability of the body from making vitamin D.  However, the intake of supplements or consuming fortified foods are still considered as the safest method to get your fill.

Multiple sclerosis

Receiving extensive level of vitamin D, either from sun exposure or any source of food can help to reduce the probability of developing multiple sclerosis (MS). It is fund through studies that people residing at higher latitudes, usually receives less exposure to UV rays. Therefore, such people are likely to face higher risk of the illness as compared to those who resides closer to the equator. It is usually heard and said by people that too much sunlight can be dangerous for health. to some extent, the fact is true that sunburns and skin cancer are very real risks and that SPF is essential, there are also positive impacts of sun exposure. It is important to understand that when a person gives his skin an access to a healthy and effective dose of the sun’s rays, he can immediately experience some physical advantages.



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