Online Earning- Get Paid to the Test Websites

 Online Earning- Get Paid to the Test Websites


Being a blogger, one must have the complete idea that his site is user-friendly. The reason is that if you are losing the visitors because of lousy navigation, lack of clarity, vague design, or crappy topics, you might end up with losing money. The situation gives an opportunity to earn good money to the third parties for the review of the web sites together with the mobile applications. In order to evaluate websites while staying at home, all you need is to be internet-savvy and knowing how to be fluent in English. In addition to that, you must also possess fundamental equipment including computer together with the microphone and camera, internet connection, and mainly an updated web browser. It is evaluated that most of the tests are completed within 5 to 25 minutes where you get an average pay of $10 per test.

Making the Most of Website Testing Gigs

            It is important to understand that website testing won’t make you rich, however it is one of the easiest and comfortable methods to earn some money as a part time income. An average person would always calculate by multiplying how many tests can be completed in an hour and how earning could be made within minimum time period. But, that’s not the case here. Things are bit tricky and saturated in this field. The opportunity of earning through web testing is extremely popular nowadays. If the scenario is observed statistically, there are more testers in the market as compared to the customers. This is the reason you must hold your horses and stop imagining to get complete three tests in an hour. But still, it is important to understand the procedure to get involved in this work as you never know when the opportunity arises for you. Below are mentioned some of the important facts that are essential to keep in mind before initiating this job.

On a very initial level, you are required to sign up with number of website testing companies.   You must have clear understanding that the objective is to take benefit of practice and sample testing opportunities. The reason is that you won’t get a chance so easily as many companies would only allow you couple of times to pass their test. It must be ensured that you turn the assignment in your best possible work. The reason is that most of the companies encourages their testers by rating them. In result, those testers with higher scores tend to receive better and enhanced paying gigs.

The time you spent waiting for the companies to email you with test opportunities, make sure that you frequently add mini tasksfocus groups, and digital earning tasks to your daily schedule. This can guarantee that you possess a constant pipeline of assignments and income ahead.

Websites With Good Rates

Following are the renowned websites that allow you the opportunity to become tester for their website contents.

  1. UserTesting

This website will allow you to earn $10 for every 20-minutes of work. The payment may rise up to $60 per test. In order to become a website tester, you will be required to submit your email address and process your application through online form. The company will shortlist the aspiring testers and allow them for a sample test prior receiving any assignments. This gig is open to US as well as International residents that can easily receive their payments through PayPal.

  • Respondent

Respondent can be explained as a research study platform that conducts various surveys, emphasize group studies, and website testing gigs. In order to initiate with this website, you will need to create an account through your email address, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.after that, you will be required  to fill in the contact information, demographics, and status of employment. Once the applicant is done with all the requirements, he can simply start browsing the relevant projects on internet and apply for ones that appeals him the most.

While getting connected to this website, you can earn money by telling your thoughts together with the series of tasks at Userbrain. Almost all the projects on Userbrain can be completed within 5-15 minutes, and the tester is paid $3 per test via PayPal.

The website allows you to produce effective income such as € 50 per study. The studies of this website are conducted through Skype and normally requites 30-90 minutes. When the tester is done with the study project, he will receive the payment through PayPal within 5-10 days. It must be noted that the testing time in this website is open to international residents who possess internet connection and Skype installed on their laptops or PC.

Another renowned website that allows you to earn $10 for 15-20 minutes of your time. In order to get enrolled with TryMyUI team, you will need to sign up for an account. Later, you will be required to qualify in a test. That qualification test will be just like a sample test that demonstrate you the entire process and requirements. When you get qualified in the test, the TryMyUI team will sent test opportunities to you through email. In this work, your payments will proceed biweekly via PayPal.

Userfeel demands your thoughts and ideas on various websites and pays you $10 for that. In order to become a website tester, you will need to get enrolled for an account, and qualify in a sample test. When the team approves your sample test, you will become eligible for getting new assignments by email. While working with Userfeel, your payments transactions are done through PayPal on weekly basis, and each test requires around 10-20 minutes.

Similar to other websites, Userlytics is also one of the popular websites that pays the testers for providing feedback on websites, apps, prototypes, and concepts. In order to get linked with this website, the applicant will be required to register for an account. After sometime, you will receive an invite to complete an assignment. When the given assignments are completed by the applicant, he gets paid via PayPal ranging from $5-$90, subjective to the scope of the project that you have done.



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