Muhammad Amir Retirement- Ending ‘YES BOSS’ Culture in PCB

 Muhammad Amir Retirement- Ending ‘YES BOSS’ Culture in PCB

Overview of Muhamad Amir’s Career

Mohammad Amir is one of the topmost Pakistani cricketer who remained the part of Green shirts between 2009 and 2020. He contributed his nation as a left-arm fast bowler who made his first-class debut during the end of 2008, with his primary One-Day International and Test appearances during July 2009 against Sri Lanka at the age of 17. The wonderful bowler Muhammad Amir played his opening international match during the 2009 ICC World Twenty20, where he actively participated in each game, assisting his team in winning the toughest tournament. The downfall of this talented player arises on 29 August 2010, when he was detained for spot-fixing. In result, Muhammad Amir was sentenced with five-year ban due to his bowling of two deliberate no-balls. The young talent pleaded guilty on the decision that was handed out by his prosecutor the International Cricket Council, and openly requested the fans for his mistakes.

It was November 2011 when the match fixer Amir was imprisoned at Southwark Crown Court, together with Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, who held plot charges pertaining to spot-fixing and suffered 3 months in prison. The huge mistake made by the young talent Muhammad Amir turned into the destruction of his growing career as he faced five-year ban which was recognized as lenient punishment due to his young age and confession in contrast to the remaining two conspirators who were sentenced with 7 and 10-years’ suspensions respectively. On 29 January 2015, Muhammad Amir was permitted for an early return to domestic cricket despite the fact that his actual ban being due 8 months later. The fast bowler Muhammad Amir made a comeback with his aggressive performance, cheering all of his fan around the world for 5 more years. On 17 December, the versatile player of Pakistan cricket team retired from international cricket due to mental torture and intense pressure from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Retirement of Amir- Shocking news for the Fans

Amir had primality made the statement through a video message that was released on 17 December 2020. In the start, it was vague whether he intend to take an unlimited break over a dispute with the PCB or had retired genuinely. During the media conference, the statement was released by the PCB stating that Wasim Khan, the board’s chief executive has discussed the issue with the player this afternoon. It was revealed in the press release that Amir has confirmed to the PCB chief executive that he further does not intend to play international cricket and must not be approached for future international matches.

Amir alleges PCB for Mental Torture

The day when the fast bowler announced his retirement, he released a video message claiming that he had to face an intense level of “mental tortured” by the management of PCB. He further explained in the video that the present environment of PCB management together with the indication of sidelining him from the 35-member squad for the New Zealand tour was not less than a alarming situation for him.

Mohammad Amir disclosed he retired to end ‘yes boss’ culture in PCB

The young talent of Pakistani Mohammad Amir revealed in his videos and interviews that the call for retirement from International cricket was actually to end the trend of “yes boss” culture in the national team management that has wasted multiple young talents of Pakistan in the past. Muhammad Amir explained his views by stating “Give respect, take respect. In today’s world, everyone wants to be treated with respect. This boss culture has to end from cricket,” Amir added. He also tried to clear the misunderstanding that his decision must not be considered as emotional decision because he has spent a lot of time prior coming to this point. It was also mentioned by him that PCB CEO Wasim Khan and the board Chairman Ehsan Mani were not the cause of his decision but the “current team management” that forced him to reach this point at the mounting stage of his career. According to the news, the initial clash of Amir’s with the management was publicly observed after he decided to say goodbye to the test match cricket past year.

After the announcement of is retirement, various remarks were acknowledged by different senior players and board members to which Amir explained that it is just a conspiracy by the present team management where they are trying to build an impression that I have quitted Test cricket as I wish to continue my career by playing for different leagues and not for the green shirts. He was disappointed by the negative remarks made claiming that some people wanted to ruin my image since I rejoined the cricket. It was understood and also mentioned by the fast bowler Muhammad Amir that he was really shock when the PCB management didn’t bother to inform him earlier that he was not selected in the 35-player squad for the New Zealand tour. Currently, Amir is of complete hope that the decision he took will assist those who are exploiting the entire system of cricket in the country. He remarked “learn a lesson.

To his fans, Amir replied that Cricket was his passion and meant everything to him from the very start of his career and therefore quitting it so early was obviously a very difficult decision for him.  In contrast to his decision, PCB responded professionally claiming that his decision of retirement is respected by the board. It has now been explained by the young talented bowler that his decision to withdraw international cricket was not dependent on being removed from the New Zealand series, rather it was based on how some committee members in the management perceived his decision to not play Test cricket.

The reason behind the retirement

Through the video posted on his official channel, Muhammad Amir explained that the issue started when he announced his retirement from Test cricket. He stated that everything was quite good after the 2019 World Cup. Even his past-coach Mickey Arthur understood his decision. But few PCB management members began giving statements against him for not playing Tests. Later, when Pakistan flunked the Test series in Australia, some PCB management members claimed that Amir ditched them by quitting Test cricket for T20 leagues. Later on, they didn’t consider in the 35-player squad for the New Zealand tour that was the final wake-up call for me.



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