Impact of Cartoon on Children’s Mind

 Impact of Cartoon on Children’s Mind

It is certainly a world of globalization and technology we are living in today. As technology has provided us many comforts and modified our lifestyle completely. Nowadays, it has become a trend that both parents must do job to complete the family expenses. And therefore, their absence from the house has become the source of several problems among which, the abusing language and misbehavior of children has become the major issue. In past, mothers were used to stay at home and look after children and home. They were used to manage a healthy lifestyle and environment for children and family under the supervision and training of grandparents.

Children were engaged in many physical and open-air events that had many positive impacts on the mind and wellbeing of children. Although now children mostly stay in the house without any family member’s supervision and are engaged in mobile phones, television, and other similar gadgets. The adolescent age is very crucial for child learning as they have no sense of being right and wrong. Everything they see or hear is imprinted in their mind which affects physical and mental capabilities. whatever they listen, is imprinted in their mind.

They entertain themselves through television as no guardian is present to stop them therefore, they used most of their time in front of television and are attracted towards the cartoon series. Which affects their thinking and communicative abilities. Several sources are present in cartoon that promotes violence and aggression such as inappropriate accent which children acquires at a dangerous level. Research study founds that the cartoon influences the behavior and language of children. Cartoons have emerged into five main group including, Illustrative, comic divests, gag divest, animated and political.

Impact of Cartoons on Mind of Children

As children mind is very responsive and they adapt things more promptly. They are innocent and unable to distinguish between the positive and negative views of things. Their mind is like molten iron and can be molded in any shape you want, or whatever they are exposed to. Cartoons creates a greater impact on children’s mind and grasp their attention quickly. Nowadays, children are exposed to technology of mobile phones, iPad which provides more chance to watch cartoons no matter where they are. It is necessary for the cartoonists to be more careful while designing the cartoons corresponding to the psychology of the children. Children not only observe things in the cartoons but also implement such things in their life as they are very impressed of the cartoons.

How Overwatching Cartoon Impacts the Health of Child?

Children under the age of 4 can get benefit from non-violent cartoons but an overwatching of TV and cartoons might turn to be negative. It has been observed that the children who spend more than 4 hours in front of TV are usually obese as they become inactive and lazy. They avoid outdoor activities and social life and spend their all-time in watching cartoon series.

Effects of Aggressive Cartoons

Children who watch aggressiveness and violence in cartoons become more brutal and violent in their practical life as compared to those who watch non-violent cartoons. It has been analyzed that cartoon characters can simply transform child’s cognitive state into a positive and negative response according to the character. Moreover, parents are depended on TV for their child so that they can complete their work or take rest for a while, but they are unaware of the effects of watching TV for a longer period.

Addiction of Watching Cartoon

Gradually, watching cartoon has become the addiction for children. It is a primary thing for children to do in their free time and even during eating or while doing schoolwork. Due to this reason, parents and children suffer in future and feels difficulty in coping with the real tasks.

Behavioral Change

According to study, children adapt the behavioral change through watching cartoon and it has results in gender preferences and even different behavior change. Usually, boys were observed as adapting much aggressive behavior as compare to girls.

Affecting Learning Abilities

Moreover, they like to adopt the dressing and accent of their favorite cartoon characters. Study reveals that children are spending more time on TV instead of being involved in some creative work which is affecting their learning abilities and their psychology. Due to this reason, their abilities of dealing with the issues and facing hardships of real life is decreasing as their mindset is according to cartoon life and therefore, they see the real life in the same manner. Moreover, it is affecting their social life by making them addicted to cartoons. Parents should be aware of these desperate consequences of watching cartoons.

Impact of Cartoon on School Going Children

Every child seems to be spending their leisure time in watching cartoon network. Most of them shows violence which affects child’s psychology. It not only alters their behavior, but child starts forcing their parent to buy accessories of their favorite cartoon characters poster. It creates a greater influence in child’s living style, language, personality, aggressive and violent behavior. Children implement these violent actions of cartoon in their real life such as in games with their siblings and friends. Therefore, they also imitate many words used by their favorite cartoon and idealize them.

Creating A Gender Discrimination

Various animated series carry negative messages among which, the gender discrimination is serious one. Usually, cartoon characters consist of male, female, animal, and other nonliving objects. They present stereotype behavior of male and female in movies. Some functionality scenes are also creating negative impact. For instance, the male character is transformed into the female by a magic wand.

This is alarming situation as it is creating a gender difference and affecting the child psychology for future. Moreover, they show female characters weaker and delicate as compared to male character even in term of the profession which is representing the unequal picture of gender in children’s innocent mind this led the child to believe that only Father should be prioritized as a head in the family and he has the main authority while the mother is only destined for the household.



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