How Fragrances Boost Our Mood?

 How Fragrances Boost Our Mood?

For a lot of people, fragrance is not just a scent, but it incites emotion. A famous fashion designer and perfumer, Bella Freud states that a good fragrance should mark its territory in your head, heart and be able to disrupt your hormones and in some cases, it should have ability to frisk you up a little bit. A reaction like this about a fragrance is not just a mere coincidence. There is a whole science going on behind why we show a response to certain aromas. Our olfactory response is actually directly linked and bonded to the emotional center of our brain. This causes a flood of feelings with every spritz.

Do Fragrances Have an Effect on People’s Mood?

You must have seen in commercials when a girl or boy applies a certain fragrance, people surrounding her or him get extremely enthusiastic. This happens in real life too. These fragrances have a sound impact on behavior and even work performance of people surrounding you in a variety of ways. Rachel S Herz who is an assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University explain that these scents and fragrances do not work on our olfactory senses and brain as drugs instead these scents work on our senses through our past experiences and triggered memories. If a fragrance wants to elicit any sort of immediate response in your brain, then it is important for you to first learn to associate the scent with a past event.

Apart from stirring up some evocative moments or poignant memories, certain fragrant notes can do incredible things to our minds and bodies in the living moment. According to Jules Miller, “Scents can also trigger a physiological response.” He is the founder of organic supplement brand The Nue Co and this brand have recently launched Functional Fragrance, a de-stressing perfume which uses woody and smoky notes to help calm and soothe the human nervous system. While doing the research with the University of Geneva, Jules Miller learnt that our cognitive function and olfactory senses are very closely linked. So, along with perfumer Frank Voelkl, who is quite famous for the iconic fragrance Le Labo Santal 33, they set themselves the task of creating an anti-stress supplement in the form of a unisex fragrance that not only would smell great but will also help a huge amount of people with anxiety.

Now it is quite clear that fragrances could do wonders on our emotional well-being, from helping with clarity and focus, easing insomnia and alleviating feelings of stress to providing relief from headaches, and even activating the immune system.

CanFragrances Make You Happy?

Vanilla fragrance is quite famous to uplift the mood. Vanilla may often be used as a synonym for bland and boring, but it is one of the most widely used notes in fragrances. It is anything but mundane when it comes to the levels of our happiness. A recent research found that smelling vanilla increases feelings of joy and relaxation thus soothing our stressed brain.

Can Fragrances Alleviate Anxiety?

The answer is Yes! Lavender is widely used to alleviate anxiety. Well, we all are quite aware of the fact that lavender is used as the go-to scent for sleep because of which its most useful benefit is its ability to help treat people suffering from anxiety. In an interesting study conducted at the University of Cardiff, researchers claimed that the fragrance effectively inhibits the receptors in the human brain that induce feelings of anxiousness. If you are ever feeling anxious, a quick sniff of lavender can make you calm and relaxed. So, we can say that one lavender spritzes a day keeps the anxiety away!

Can Fragrances Help Focus Your Mind?

Cinnamon was used by our ancestors to establish focus and concentration and today we know they were not wrong. Cinnamon is no doubt one of the most cosseting scents out there and it can be found in many fragrances that are spicy oriented. A recent research has even shown that it can help in boosting your brain power. A US study has claimed that those individuals who smell cinnamon noticeably are doing a favor to their mind and health by improving cognitive functions such as memory, motor response and attention span. Today we learnt a new tip that a little sniff of cinnamon daily can help us in sharpening our memory.

Does Fragrance Help in Easing Depression?

Yes, Jasmine is widely known for its benefits in relieving depression. It is the only note at the heart of perfumery and a recent research claims that not only does the fragrance of jasmine creates a sense of alertness, but it also helps people who are suffering from conditions like panic attacks and depressive thoughts. Researchers have found in a study that the stimulating effect of jasmine can have a direct effect on the human central nervous system as a result the fragrance of jasmine helps in relieving depression and lift the mood of the person.

Can Fragrances Calm Our Mood?

Are you tensed and preparing yourself for a big meeting? Let me give you a quick tip! Try spritzing a citrus cologne that is infused with lemon or mandarin. This will help you in calming your nerves beforehand. Lemon is widely famous to help with focus and concentration. It also has an emotionally energizing effect that is particularly useful when you are having anger issues or suffering from a low mood. Meanwhile, mandarin has been noticed to reduce feelings of severe stress, aid digestion and curb nausea.

All these different research studies have shown us that fragrances can move us in various ways. From taking us back to our sweet and bitter memories to calming us down and boosting our mind with energy. The part of our brain that processes these scents also store our memories due to which when a scent comes wafting our way, it is stored and linked to our precious memory and that memory gets re-triggered. The connection between scents and our mood is never-ending and with the passage of time this bond will get stronger and stronger.



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