Early Marriage is Good or Late Marriage

 Early Marriage is Good or Late Marriage


While considering the marriage and age , we usually see a great extent of double standard  among for men and women. In the current society, males are usually to wait for marriage until they are completely ready in terms of maturity, financially security, well progressed and recognized careers together with the comfortably for themselves. Most of the times, even parents asked their children to not even think of marriage until they are 35 years old. Such advises are then considered the next level and the person get to marry at around 40. In this way, the person is often praised by elders and society for his so-called well thought and mature decision.

In this way, the males get plenty of time to find suitable partner for themselves. While on the other hand, the women in the society are not given such freedom and privilege to make their own choices in some conservative societies. The irony is that movies and fairytales lead the females towards thinking about weddings since their childhood. In addition to that, most of the romantic comedies encourage the proposal as the happiest conclusion of love story, with most heroines only pushing the mark of three-decade, however infrequently surpassing it. According to the survey, it is found that women get extensive pressure to settle for marriage life right from their 20s. Unfortunately, in some conservative societies, when a woman has passed her 30th birthday without any suitable proposal, she is been forcefully made demotivated as if she’s missed her precious moment.

Why Relationship Fails

According to the research, it is found that those females who get to marry after the age of 35 are comparatively happier and possess healthy relationship than those females who hurried to marry in their 20s. not only this, the study has also shown that men who get to marry at 28 soon get divorced a decade later. Though there is no doubt with the fact that long heathy marriage relationship is a blessing from God ad everything happens with His will. But if we also consider the scientific reason behind such odd results, we will truly understand why is this happening in our society or in most parts of the world. Marriage therapists, the individuals who possess expertise in helping people to fix their unhappy marriages believe that bad ending of marriage relationship happens mostly because of lack of wisdom. The true wisdom comes with the age that teaches the person how to compromise for the sake of relationship. It is estimated that women get more emotional maturity as compared to men after a certain age. People living in their 30s tend to have greater range of experiences and knowledge that helps them to assess their potential spouse.

Tips for Successful Marriage

According to the survey, it is found that women are more nervous and anxious about their marriage life than men. Not only this, but the most terrifying thing for majority of women is divorce. This seems to be one of those reason that actually become the cause for people to wait for a longer time and not to get marry. There are hundreds and thousands of articles and blogs and stories on internet that will try to elaborate with the tactics that are helpful to maintain healthy marriage relationship. But one thing that is difficult to admit and is not much advised by the people while advising for good marriage relationship is: WAIT! If you want your spouse to understand you, believe in you, trust you, then give him some time. Wait passionately.   

As we have discussed above that there are some flaws in every society due to stereotype, but the point that needs to be consider here is that not all marriages that take place in the early age of couples fail. There is still a positive record of healthy and strong marriages in which both men and women tied their knots in early 20s. Lets look at the flip side of the coin and find out how early age marriages could be important for future life.

The Perfect Age of Marriage

It is important to understand that marriage is not merely concerned with age but rather with the right person. It has been argued by many on the need of getting prepared for marriage. The reality of life is that one can never be ready for marriage no matter what age he or she is living. It never depends on your age but on the person with whom you are about to get marry. In this manner, if you have found the right partner at the right age, then don’t waste your precious time and tie a knot. Life is nothing but only about grabbing the beautiful moments with the person you love.

Spending Excessive Quality Time

It is true that young couples are normally free of any pressure from adults for achieving parenthood right after their marriage. In reality, those couples who are young enough at the time of their marriage gets sufficient time to understand their spouse prior the biological clock begin ticking. In this way, the early marriage also possesses great advantage in terms of understanding the partner and building good harmony between each other.

More flexibility in Couple and Open to Compromise

It is found through survey that marriage in early 20’s or mid 20’s age helps you become a companion and a partner to your partner rather than just a spouse. In addition to that, the time couple would be learning to live life as adults, they would be more flexible and open with each other to understand the true concept of compromise in life. One thing that saves the relationship and instead makes it stronger is to adjust with the temperament of your spouse. One’s the person gets adjust with the mindset and nature of his partner prior delving into more complicated and deeper responsibilities of life, the life would become peaceful and heaven on earth for both of them.  



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