Does Money Mean to Have Success

 Does Money Mean to Have Success

It is true that when a person sees someone who is wildly successful, the success is viewed as reward that is granted to him. Most of the times, we presume such successful people as very selfish and greedy, but that’s not true in every situation. In reality, these successful people have gained wealth and status from something very valuable and important.

ccording to some experts, a person should never aim at success. The reason is that when you aim it and consider it as your target, the more that thing will run away and eventually you will miss it. Instead, success is like happiness that cannot be pursued. Rather you need to ensue it so that the dedication you have reaches to a greater cause. In current times, we have numerous examples to understand the true meaning of success. Besides, there are several renowned names like Bill Gates who shares their success story with people on different platforms. By understanding the depth of these stories, we need to realize the fact that success is not just restricted to money. You may find many people in your surrounding who might hate Bill Gates just because he is filthy rich. But what is other side of the story? Have you ever thought that whether money was his primary reason behind creating Microsoft? The answer is NO! Instead, he loved computers and his dedication was to build innovative things.

Example of Prominent People with Great Success

Another prominent example in recent times is Mark Zuckerberg to whom we know due to innovation of fabulous social media applications such as Facebook. The interesting part of his story is that he never chased after money. His only intention was to build an effective methodology through the skills he possessed so that the students of Harvard University could connect with each other. He was also a man of passion and his passion was coding that ultimately made him a billionaire. In contrast, you may also find numerous people on this planet whose main objective behind any cause was merely money and power. The truth is that the success they got is hollow and even they know about it.

Perception of Success

Wish to have success is not a bad idea but the main point is to have non-monetary or status driven reasons behind this success, otherwise a person can never be successful in his life. In the society where we ae living today, we have been portrayed with success as something in which you must own a large property, must have vacations in exotic places, expensive flashy car, and obviously the designer-dressed from top to bottom. The truth is that we are bombarded with such wrong perception of success since our childhood. Instead, we have been struggling since childhood to attain those material goods that we think can cement our success. Even we don’t know that since how long we have been chasing this illusion of success. The reality is that we expect it to fulfillment our needs and wishes. It is important to understand that relentlessly pursuing any materialistic ideal is nothing but merely a breeding that will firm the basis of depression, worries and stress.

The essential point that needs to be considered by the young generation is that money is not the only measure of success in your life. Unfortunately, in the current capitalist world, money is taken as a priority while measuring success. For such people, money has the power to buy everything just like you can have fame with money, extra ordinary power with money, and sometimes money can buy life. Such mentality needs to be improved because such people forget the fact that money cannot buy you good health, time and happiness. You might find billionaires on internet who are not happy with their lives. In contrast, you will also see a poor on footpath who is enjoying his life to the fullest.

How Good Career becomes Road to Success

All we need to understand is that there is one more important factor that defines success in your life and that is career. Choosing right career at right time is very important because only the career will deliver you various goals and accurate measurement of success. The professional and successful athlete may not be rich but still he will be considered successful on the basis of his wining toucanets, breaking records, or competing in the Olympics. Scientist spend their lives on various researches and studies. It is not the money that makes them successful but the one-line formula that proves their theory and turn into great success in their lives.

Peace and Happiness- Great Success of Life

Gifts of nature are taken as granted sometimes. We never realized the fact that how lucky we are to have good family, friends, well-maintained house, loving spouse and plenty of time to spend with them. People who take money as success needs to change their perspective and must consider peace and happiness in life as their ultimate success. Being richest man in the world does not make you happiest man in the world. When a person starts measuring his success with the gifts that nature has provided him, then he will seriously realize the importance of that success that is bestowed upon him.

You quit

The irony of this society is that a person always loves himself more than everyone in his surrounding, yet he values and prefers the opinion of other people over his own opinions. The reality of life is that you only get success when you stop pleasing the people in your surrounding and begin to work on your own terms. This is only possible when you ignore the noise of the world and pursue your career which is more important than anything else. There is no doubt that you will have to face many challenges in doing so but once you quit looking the world with the preconceived ideas that were taught to you since beginning, you will observe how opportunities comes to your door step.



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