Digital Marketing Technology and Role of Amazon

 Digital Marketing Technology and Role of Amazon

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands while using all kinds of digital mediums in order to reach the target segment. Digital marketing includes radio, mobile, the internet, social media, and television forms. It is important to note that internet marketing or social media marketing is only a subset of digital marketing. Digital marketing itself extends beyond the internet. These days, the tech giants, such as Amazon and Google are expanding their digital marketing strategies to cellular media, digital signage and as well as voice media marketing. Hence, collectively the digital marketing is rapidly changing and it has proven to be highly successful for an engaging audience.
In today’s dynamic era, web-based marketing is expected to grow along with the communities where the corporations can interact with the users. The hurdles faced by the company’s speed of growth are the cost advantage, trust, privacy, security, and sustainability. Customers get higher power through information technology as it enables them to make a comparison of different options before making the purchasing decision. According to Sharma, there are five stages on the internet that starts with customers finding information. First, the common any gathers the knowledge about the customer in the CRM. Second is that internet marketing is used by companies such as Amazon to have two-way communication with the customers. The third is to build a relationship with customers while building the platforms for interaction and the last is to establish the e-commerce business platforms that can link all the stakeholders in a shared system. Use of internet marketing provides the company with a better opportunity to serve its customers. The use of digital marketing specifically affects the areas of cost structures, location, time and competition.

Amazon and Digital Marketing

In current times, Amazon is considered as one of the largest and renowned retailers in the world that effectively deals in a vast range of products including books, clothes, games, music and movies. Since its inauguration in the year 1995, the company has considerably outgrown its multiple competitors on a national and international level and attained a leading role in the market. In addition to that, the worldwide customers of the company have crossed the figure of 240 million. In order to stay ahead from the competitors, Amazon has effectively invested and acquired various smaller companies to maintain the topmost and leading position in the market. Also, the company has diversified its range of products and offered competitive prices to attract potential customers together with the rapid delivery system for the customers who are interested in signing various account packages.
The services of Amazon were launched in India in July 2013 while rejecting the option to employ an advertising campaign. In recent times, the site successfully stands at the 27th rank in India with approximately 4.2% of Indian customers. The Indian venture is considered as one of the remarkable efforts of the company that will expand its services to millions of customers in Asia.

Amazon – Product Mix

Amazon is the international renowned e-commerce company that facilitates the customers through internet connections through various gadgets including iPhone and tablets. The objective of the company is to entertain its customers with the facility to browse and purchase goods without waste of time. The company in coordination with the delivery companies delivers the products of the customers within the committed time. The product base of Amazon is vast where the company sells a diversified range of products including DVD’s, books, Kindle, mobile phones, tablets, jewels, games and gaming consoles, clothes for men, women and children, and the gardening tools.
The company initiated its sell with the book and since then, it is internationally recognized as the highest bookseller around the globe. It is therefore the company introduced Kindle, the eBook reader that has considerably transformed the entire process of reading from hardcopy to digital eBooks. Reading through Kindle has facilitated millions of readers worldwide whereas the invention of Kindle fire, the tablet pc by Amazon has further eased the reading process for youth.
When the name of any product is inserted on the search engine, there are chances that Amazon will stock the required product in its inventory list. In the same manner, the product name kept on multiplying in the inventory of Amazon. Once the company established its name in the book market, it enlarged its circle to grasp the remaining market and compete with the competitors. As eBay is well known in the market of techie products, similarly the name of Amazon is popular in the search of knowledgeable goods.
The product base of Amazon grew into faster pace since July 2014 when the company penetrated into the smartphone market and released its own phone named Fire Phone. A month earlier to the release of the phone, the company also introduced its box system- The Amazon Fire TV that was capable of streaming from different channels together with the speech commands.

Amazon – Market Positioning

Most of the sites were officially closed in the past due to lack of customers trust in making online purchases including India plaza and all cool stuff. On the other hand, the reputation and brand image of Amazon among the masses allowed the company to have throughout the presence. In addition to that, the outcomes of the company performances were always sufficient to continue R&D efforts that sustained and secured the brand image of the Amazon. The company possess customer based in most of the countries around the globe where it regulates through online presence, with several of its bases in various states of USA.

Amazon – Marketing Strategy and Promotion

The promotion strategy of Amazon incorporated broadcasting through a television commercial, web-based advertising, and billboards. The company has extensively made the use of online advertising so that the customer can see the advertisement of the same product on other webs too which he searched on Amazon. It is also one of the smart and technical strategies of the Amazon to keep its name on the topmost position in search engine. It was always an idea of Amazon’s founder to initiate the name of its company from letter ‘a’. The name of Amazon in India is the name of trust and reliability. People talk about this site with others to make potential and reliable customers. While on the other hand, there are also numerous print media ads that make efforts to keep its presence sustainable in the market but still the promotion sector of Amazon in India requires restless efforts to keep its growth sustainable and maintain a leading role.



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