Benefits of WhatsApp Technology

 Benefits of WhatsApp Technology

Nowadays, social media networks and messaging apps have changed the way we communicate with each other and the field of business has immediately adopted this innovative instant messaging methods to reach their audiences. The most popular messaging app these days across the world is WhatsApp. To call it one of the best messaging apps would not be wrong. This app is installed in approximately every smartphone. WhatsApp got famous due to its simplicity and user-friendly software.

In today’s world, WhatsApp is the largest messaging application and according to Forbes, WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion users globally, with over 23 million residing in the United States of America and many more in Europe. It is mainly since it is available in 60 different languages and already being used in more then 180 countries of the world. Indeed, it stands to be considered a popular communication chUannel and with the passage of time WhatsApp is making an impact in the world of work, at home and right across the globe. There are several benefits that WhatsApp offers to its general and business audience.

Benefits Offered by WhatsApp To General Audience

The main benefit offered by WhatsApp to its consumers is that it is completely free to use if you have internet access in your mobile phones. You can easily and instantly send a message no matter where you are. Thus, it has reduced the distance between people. You can talk to your friends and family members without worrying about the money expenses. WhatsApp has also designed its software so simply that even a novice mobile user can use this app efficiently. WhatsApp also offers you the services of voice call and video call and these services do not even use much internet data.

Another main advantage offered by WhatsApp is that you can send and receive files up to 100 MBs. You can share PDF, slideshows, documents, images, videos, and songs etc. in a couple of seconds or minutes with anyone you want without spending a single penny from your pocket. Even though WhatsApp has been made free for its users but still it does not flash any advertisement on the display screen of your cell phones. If you have sent a message to someone by mistake, then WhatsApp gives you a chance to correct your mistake by offering you the feature “Delete for Everyone”.

Although this feature can only work if the message is sent in a period of 1 hour, but we should accept the fact that something is better than nothing. WhatsApp even imports contacts from your mobile and informs you how many of your contacts are using WhatsApp. One more important feature of WhatsApp is sharing of live location. You can select to share your live location either for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. This feature is extremely important from security point of view. It has one more feature that lets you know whether the receiver has received and seen the text or not. If a single tick appears on your message, it means your message has been sent but is not delivered to the receiver. If two grey ticks appear, this means the receiver has received the text but has not seen it yet. And if two blue ticks appear, this means the receiver has read the text.

Same rule is followed for the voice messages. Although this feature can be turned off by going in WhatsApp settings if you do not want others to know whether you have read the text or not. One of the best features offered by WhatsApp is that it provides an easy way to change your number to another number without losing your existing WhatsApp account. WhatsApp also provides you end-to-end encryption feature. This feature makes your WhatsApp communication highly secure. WhatsApp has also extended its services for using directly in a web browser and Desktop System like Windows and MacOS. In short, we can say that WhatsApp saves your money by reducing normal Text and Multimedia messages cost.

Benefits of WhatsApp To Business and Commerce Community

By using WhatsApp for your business, you will be able to engage yourself and relate to your customers easily using an instant messaging application with which your customers are quite familiar. You can easily send rich content such as product brochures pictures and videos of your product. If your customers still have not pressed the purchase button, you can encourage them though instant messaging to buy the product by giving them extra information and other kinds of support.

Using WhatsApp for business takes your audience support offering up a level. Apart from this, WhatsApp Business allows you to interact with your customers easily by providing tools to sort and automate messages so that you can respond quickly to your customer base. Although, this app is mainly targeted to small and medium-sized businesses, but larger companies have also used some of its features to great advantage, offering access to real-time flight information and documentation through the app. WhatsApp allows you to create a business profile which can include important information such as your company’s address, email, and website. WhatsApp offers you the group chat feature so that you and your team could work together more efficiently. This will provide help to cohesive communication with support and marketing teams which will indirectly benefit the customer.

This application also offers you a wealth of statistics and analytics, including those which will tell you how many messages have been successfully sent, delivered, and read. Currently, WhatsApp is also testing its Business app with Uber drivers allowing them to connect more easily to members of its team. Netflix is also sending account messages and suggestions as a part of its test.

To conclude we can say that in this digital era, the goal of every marketer is to value their customers and customer service department and with the availability of real-time messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, personalization has reached new heights. Due to its easy-to-use software, WhatsApp has become popular throughout the world thus becoming an everyday part of all individuals whether it be general audience or people belonging to business community.



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