Gender-Segregated Education

Introduction to Gender-Segregated Education Single-sex education also referred to as single-gender education and gender-isolated education, is the practice of conducting education with male and female students attending distinct classes, possibly in different buildings or schools. The practice of single-sex schooling was normal before the 20th century, mainly in secondary and higher education. Single-sex education in […]Read More

Bilingual education

Introduction to Bilingual Education Bilingual education is a concept which leads to the teaching of academic subjects in two different languages, the native language and the second language. Various quantities of each language have been used based on the resulting target of the model. There are various educational models which can be used for bilingual […]Read More

Early Childhood Education

Introduction to Early Childhood Education Early childhood education comprises of activities or experiences that are intended to impact the progressive changes in children before their entry into elementary schools. Early childhood education (ECE) programs consist of any type of educational program that helps children in the preschool years and is structured to advance later school […]Read More

Career Counselling

Introduction to Career Counselling When the question is about planning the career of oneself, it is so quite easy to depend on the advice of closed ones including friend and family, or even on your own intuition, without considering any external advice and support. Unfortunately, doing ends up exploring such a career that is not […]Read More

Drug Addiction and Health Impacts

Introduction to Drug Addiction Drug addiction is considered as a chronic disease that is characterized by compulsive, or irrepressible, drug seeking and consumption despite harmful results and transformation in the brain, that can be enduring and life-threatening. These variations in the brain can lead to the harmful behaviours seen in people who consume drugs daily. […]Read More

Best Virtual Reality Android Apps

Virtual reality is the kind of photography, as it helps you to create the illusion of being in an interesting world. Virtual Reality is either going to overturn our lives in a manner nothing has since the cell phone, or it’s what could be compared to attempting to get “bring” happen.The fact of the matter […]Read More

Child Abuse and its impact on Human Psyche

Introduction to Child Abuse Child abuse can be explained as an action to mistreat children in a physical, sexual or emotional manner. Children are most vulnerable to child abuse in homes, schools and organizations. Child abuse is classified into four major categories namely neglect, physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse and sexual abuse. The significant […]Read More

Teachers Professional Development

Introduction Together with the students, the methodologies in which professional learning prospects are catered is also transforming over time. In recent times, the approaches to sitting and learning are no longer appreciated by the students and professionals both. It is therefore believed that educators must attain Professional development in such a style that is similar […]Read More

Computer Literacy and Its Significance

Introduction Computer literacy can be defined as the level of proficiency and understanding a person has had with the computers. Computer literacy is referred to as the skill of using applications rather than to program. In order to become enhance familiarity with the computers, nearest local libraries or community college can help to find preliminary […]Read More

Amazon Alexa

Introduction to Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa, also termed as Alexa, is a computer-generated assistant AI technology established by Amazon, initially used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers developed by Amazon Lab126. It is proficient in voice interaction, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, music playback, making to-do lists, and delivering weather, traffic, sports, and other […]Read More