HydraFacial and its Importance

Overview For HydraFacial to cleanse, remove and hydrate skin, highly effective serum inoculation is developed according to your skin’s particular needs. This process contributes to improving the appearance of many skin problems including fine lines and wrinkles, firmness of the skin, texture, and pores. It also minimizes the pore size of face by hydrating the […]Read More

Panic Attack-An Intense Fear

Have you ever faced a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear? It might be possible you may have suffered from a panic attack. For some people, a panic attack may be a one-time occurrence, but many others experience repeated episodes of panic attack. Recurrent panic attacks are mostly triggered by a specific situation, such […]Read More

Early Marriage is Good or Late Marriage

Overview While considering the marriage and age , we usually see a great extent of double standard  among for men and women. In the current society, males are usually to wait for marriage until they are completely ready in terms of maturity, financially security, well progressed and recognized careers together with the comfortably for themselves. […]Read More

Rethinking Screen Time in Covid-19

Overview Nowadays, whole world is facing a lockdown and around 90% of the students are removed from their educational institutes.  It is not unexpected that huge loads of adolescents and their folks are progressively associating with the surface world through screens they might have once respected with restriction or perhaps rebuke. The use of digital […]Read More

Hostel Life Vs Home Life

Overview A hostel is a spot where normally students live, and which is look after by an administration of hostel and living in those hostels is called the hostel life. Hostels are focused at giving budget-oriented, friendly shelter for students. The life in a hostel is totally different from that of the home. The significant […]Read More

Semipermanent Makeup and Its Importance

Overview It is the procedure that is semi-permanent that uses different equipment’s to do this procedure. Semi-permanent make-up is a treatment to enhance eyes make it look great, brows and lips to add definition to the face and enhance beauty. A local anesthetic cream numbs the area pre-treatment. The color only penetrates 0.2mm deep and […]Read More

Developing Empathy in Relationships

Introduction Empathy is a powerful force which helps in maintaining social order and cooperation. It is the mechanism through which individuals can understand and relate to others. Empathy is an important precursor to trust, intimacy and belonging. It is also the feeling that makes it difficult to turn a blind eye to the suffering of […]Read More

Impact of Air Conditioners in Life

Overview The first modern air-conditioning system was launched on July 17, 1902 by an industry that vitally improves and enhances the meaning of our lives, work, and play. Whenever air conditioning is concerned, it is still an extensive idea that it is simply a luxury, not a necessity. Many of us cannot tolerate to live without air condition, […]Read More

Haphephobia-Fear of Being Touch

Overview Getting touched by a stranger or without consent would make you feel uncomfortable. However, if the fear is intense and appears even when you are touched by family members or friends, which may cause significant distress then you might be suffering from haphephobia. In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of […]Read More

Plasma Rich Protein and Its Procedures

Difference between Plasma and Platelets The liquid portion of blood is called plasma. It is made largely of water and proteins, and it gives a medium for RBC, WBC whereas platelets circulate through the body. Platelets promotes the healing process and promotes the clotting mechanism. Equipment Required for Plasma Rich Proteins Injections Alcohol swabs PRP […]Read More