Impact of Cartoon on Children’s Mind

It is certainly a world of globalization and technology we are living in today. As technology has provided us many comforts and modified our lifestyle completely. Nowadays, it has become a trend that both parents must do job to complete the family expenses. And therefore, their absence from the house has become the source of […]Read More

Learning Styles

Learning can be characterized as lasting changes in behavior induced by life. According to different learning theories, learning can be defined as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the change of experience”. Assisting the learning process could be the primary mission of teaching. Knowing the learning behavior of students is well-advised to be a […]Read More

Benefits of WhatsApp Technology

Nowadays, social media networks and messaging apps have changed the way we communicate with each other and the field of business has immediately adopted this innovative instant messaging methods to reach their audiences. The most popular messaging app these days across the world is WhatsApp. To call it one of the best messaging apps would […]Read More

Does Money Mean to Have Success

It is true that when a person sees someone who is wildly successful, the success is viewed as reward that is granted to him. Most of the times, we presume such successful people as very selfish and greedy, but that’s not true in every situation. In reality, these successful people have gained wealth and status […]Read More

Why Professional Etiquettes are Important?

You might have heard of this famous quote that, “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot”. If you are an employee of reputed organization, you might have gained premium education but unfortunately you can still not effectively communicate in a way that you are supposed to. The question is then what was […]Read More

How Fragrances Boost Our Mood?

For a lot of people, fragrance is not just a scent, but it incites emotion. A famous fashion designer and perfumer, Bella Freud states that a good fragrance should mark its territory in your head, heart and be able to disrupt your hormones and in some cases, it should have ability to frisk you up […]Read More

Globalization and its Impacts

Introduction to Globalization The globalization can be described as the phenomenon of international integration that occurs from the transaction of mutual sharing, ideas and products. The major factors in the advancement of the globalization include telecommunication infrastructure, transportation, internet, media and mobile phones. The globalization that took place on the large scale was originated in […]Read More

Study in Abroad Vs Study in Home land

The students think about between the ideas of studying abroad or go after more study in their homelands must think about the provocations and result of each. Studying in homeland is cozy and secure but studying in abroad is challenging and life changing. The Cheers of Studying in Abroad Global Exposure While studying in abroad, […]Read More

Plyometric Training in Athletes to Increase Vertical Jump

Introduction to Plyometric Training in Athletes In successful athletes, muscle power of the lower limb and the performance of vertical jump has been considered as main components. Various training methods are studied for increasing vertical jump heights in athletes, such as heavy resistance training and explosive type resistance training. All these methods are used extensively […]Read More


Introduction to Stroke Stroke, which is also known as cerebrovascular accident, is a sudden loss of neurological function which is caused by interruption of the flow of blood to the brain. The most common type of stroke is an ischemic stroke which affects the 80% of the individuals with the stroke. It occurs when a […]Read More