Addiction of Pub-G Game

 Addiction of Pub-G Game


The term PUBG is very popular all over the world. It is the abbreviated version of the player unknowns battle ground. Basically, it is a video game that is a royal fighting game for multiplayer. It is very famous all over the world. However, not all the factors of entertainment are good. Billions of people all over the world playing this game day and night. The players have become addicted to this game. Moreover, it is hampering their quality of life.

Impact of PUBG Mobile Game Addiction

It received positive reviews when the game was released for Windows. Further, it caught like wildfire after being released on cell phones. Among all the age groups, the madness for this game spread. What began as a fun game has now developed into an addiction? It creates a negative impact on players and also resulting in various crimes. Because of this game, a boy killed himself due to the addiction. The game interferes greatly with the studies of a person. Students who are studying are wasting their time by playing this game. This results in the neglection of research and lower t concentration levels as well.

It is so because their brain function is slowed down by this PUBG mobile game addiction. Their ability to understand things and concentrate only decreases. Also, research shows that PUBG players’ academic output is falling significantly. The people who work are addicted to this game as well. This hampers their job and make them lose the focus of their objectives. Instead of focusing on their careers they are busy in playing PUBG. More than that, players take leaves or miss meetings just to continuously play this game. These people then miss their aims and don’t realize their duties. Furthermore, People are ruining their relationships just for the sake of playing PUBG whole day. It even done that so as there have been many cases of breakups and divorces due to this game. Instead of spending time with family and friends’ peoples use to spend time on this game. It strains their relationships and causes pain. Likewise, it has led to many murder and suicide crimes as well.

How to Control PUBG Mobile Game Addiction?

Addiction of anything is bad we all know, whether it’s just a game or any other hobby. However, one must also realize that we can regulate any addiction by effective steps. To begin with, try to lessen the time you spend on the game. It is impossible to stop all of a sudden, so set aside a fixed time and try to play it in that particular way. try to reduce the amount of time you spend playing a game. Similarly, try to divert your mind. Do not always stay indoors. Go out and indulge in physical activities. When you meet your friends and take up other hobbies with them, then your mind won’t go towards the game. In addition, instead of scrolling through the phone or playing your game, start spending time with your family. You won’t care for anything else when you are surrounded by your loved ones. So, instead of playing PUBG manage your time carefully.

 Positive Effects of PUBG Game

  1. Improves Alertness and Co-Ordination

PUBG is a shooting game where the player can aim and run at the same time. This allows the real-world gamer to monitor the character’s location, to figure out where he or she is going to be heading, where the bullet is pointing so that it reaches the opponent, matching his pace, looking for the enemy, and saving himself.

All these factors have to be considered. Through the movement of the fingertips and hands, a player must coordinate his reaction and brain perception. Playing PUBG games in this way strengthens the player’s teamwork skills.

  • Improve Cognitive Abilities

A player needs actual image capability and eye-hand coordination in order to play and perform in this game. PUBG helps to improve targeting skills and thinking skills in an individual, according to research done on the effects of this game.

Negative Effects of PUBG Game

There are a few side effects related to PUBG game:

  1. Increases Violent Tendencies in A Person

PUBG is a shooting game where weapons and other items are used by the gamer to destroy the enemy. The player’s primary objective is to keep a constant track of the enemy and destroy him. As a violent game, PUBG has been checked. It may trigger negative feelings, actions and thoughts because of the extreme violence involved in this game, which, in turn, affects a player’s mental state.

  • It Makes One Addict

The efficiency in a player can be decreases by excessive playing of PUBG game. This makes a person addicted to this video game. This is not ideal for a person’s mental health. In an individual, it increases depression, stress and anxiety levels. Anyone who is addicted to it seems to feel damaging behaviors inside.

  • Anti-Social

Another risk to playing PUBG is that it makes the game less interactive. This happens because a person likes to spend the whole time playing this game. They do not want to go out with others and socialize, nor do they want to spend time with family. Their lives are dominated by this video game. Their personality, behavioral skills and communication ability are adversely affected by such addiction

  • It Promotes Poor Physical Health

Sitting in one position and continuously playing the game for long hours doesn’t do a person any good. It harms a person’s overall physical health. One gets lazy. Constant looking at the computer screen for long periods of time without blinking can also reduce eyesight and lead to headaches.

  • Impact on Mental Health

PUBG video game is addictive. It can lead to development of mental disorders in a person. People who have become addicted to this game are found to get stressed out quickly. They suffer from anxiety disorders in public settings due to less social contact.

  • Disrupts Sleep Pattern

One PUBG game takes around one hour. This shows that it is a time-consuming game. For a long period of time, sitting alert and continuously concentrated on the computer screen makes one exhausted and restless. Players who were addicted to this game saw that they had to skip their sleep just to play one after another. This disrupts their sleep and influences the next day’s mental and physical performance. They become moody, irritating, distracting and exhausted due to a lack of sleep. This affects their daily jobs and workplace productivity.



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