8 Blogs Every Young Entrepreneur Should Follow

 8 Blogs Every Young Entrepreneur Should Follow

Building a business from scratch is one of the boldest steps you can take in life. It requires passion, consistency, dedication, and plenty of innovation. 

Since entrepreneurs are so engrossed in building their businesses, they rarely get time to read about recent happenings in the business world and the latest technology trends. Thankfully, the internet brings an endless source of industry news, insights, and tips from investors, successful entrepreneurs, and business gurus who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge. The only issue that remains is that it’s quite hard to pick out ones that are worthy of reading and following. 

So, to make things easy for you, we have prepared a list of the top business blogs every young entrepreneur should follow. 

1 – Seth Godin’s Blog

Who hasn’t heard of Seth Godin? Seth Godin is one of the top marketers in the current marketing world. He has worked as the Vice President of Marketing at Yahoo and has also been a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. Plus, he has even authored multiple books on marketing and innovation. 

His blog is a treasure chest of wisdom. From tips on empathy to tracking useful marketing metrics, you’ll find actionable lessons and practical advice every time you read this blog. Along with that, Godin also writes about to how to build a company’s image and unconventional sales approaches. This is very insightful for marketers and young entrepreneurs. 

2 – Mixergy

Andrew Warner is the man running Mixergy. Andrew is known for his phenomenal success in the startup world where has made more than $30 million in yearly sales. 

He created Mixergy to help other young entrepreneurs learn and implement the same approaches he has adopted. The blog features some amazing content on how you can expand your business as a self-reliant entrepreneur. Plus, Andrew even regularly published interviews with leading businessmen and entrepreneurs. All in all, this blog needs to be followed by entrepreneurs whose startups are in the development and growth phase. 

Recently, Mixergy has even started a courses’ section on its website to teach young entrepreneurs how to build a successful business from scratch.

3 – The Entrepreneurial Mind

Dr. Jeff is the co-founder of The Entrepreneurial Mind. He’s a serial entrepreneur and also teaches entrepreneurship at Belmont University. His interactive, e-learning platform focuses on providing detailed business insights to young entrepreneurs. 

The Entrepreneurial Mind blog is loaded with valuable insights and quick tips on how to start and grow a business. Through this blog entrepreneurs can learn everything about changing business models, retaining and firing customers among several other things. 

Dr. Jeff’s debates include nearly everything related to microeconomics and finance. For instance, he talks about who is the consumer in online education. 

In conclusion, The Entrepreneurial Mind is an excellent resource for young entrepreneurs to learn about topics such as business growth, raising capital, working with partners. 

4 – Startups.com

Startup.com is mainly targeted towards young entrepreneurs with small startups. The blog features several articles on problems that can arise in a startup, startup mistakes, and failures along with entrepreneurship. It even has interviews from established startup founders and leading entrepreneurs. 

Overall, the startup.com blog is a great tool for entrepreneurs to learn the dos and don’ts of entrepreneurship. 

5 – Under 30 CEO

Under 30 CEO is not an entrepreneurial blog that solely focuses on entrepreneurship and startups. Rather, it has something for everyone trying to overcome unproductivity and become successful. 

The primary objective of this blog is to feature people who have become successful before the age of 30. It focuses on emphasizing their key abilities so that others can get inspiration and follow in their footsteps. 

The Under 30 CEO blog even talks of freelancers and investors alongside startup owners. One major reason why it’s so useful for young entrepreneurs is that they can get several insights regarding the kinds of businesses people generally run. Thus, they can use this information to align their own business strategy. 

6 – Forbes Entrepreneurs

Almost everyone knows of the publication giant Forbes Magazine – the leading source of authentic business news and financial information. The Entrepreneurs section of Forbes’ Magazine is a great resource for small business owners and young entrepreneurs. 

The information available on the blog is highly relevant to the interests of the audience. For instance, the blog discusses the best practices of HR and project management. It even features examples of successful large and small organizations, models of project development, business risks, etc. 

7 – Hubspot Blog

Around ten years ago, Hubspot was just a startup itself with one clear message – inbound marketing is the key to growth. In fact, they coined the phrase “inbound marketing” and even published an entire book on it. They even developed inbound marketing tools and tactics to expand their own business and to sell to customers. 

Today, Hubspot is a billion-dollar organization that offers a wide variety of marketing, sales, and customer service tools that are highly recommended for both startups and established businesses. But the key to Hubspot’s phenomenal success is its very useful blog that features content on sales, marketing, and customer service topics. Hubspot’s blog has more than 400,000 subscribers and gets more than 4.5 million visitors monthly. As a young entrepreneur, you also need to follow Hubspot’s incredible blog and get insights on the latest tools and technologies in the business world. 

8 – Neil Patel’s Blog

Strong knowledge of digital marketing, conversion optimization, SEO, and techniques of generating e-commerce sales is essential for all young entrepreneurs out there. And Neil Patel’s blog is all about that. If you’re wondering who Neil Patel is, he’s the author of some best-selling books including Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life. Plus, he has even used digital marketing to build several successful startups. 

Last Few Words

While following these blogs for young entrepreneurs is important, it’s not the only thing that leads to success. You should not just focus on reading these blogs and getting information from them. Rather, you should think of how you can implement the knowledge you’ve gained from them. Remember, every blog has some value to offer, and implementing the lessons you learn from them is the key to becoming successful.



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