Child Abuse and its impact on Human Psyche

 Child Abuse and its impact on Human Psyche

Introduction to Child Abuse

Child abuse can be explained as an action to mistreat children in a physical, sexual or emotional manner. Children are most vulnerable to child abuse in homes, schools and organizations. Child abuse is classified into four major categories namely neglect, physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse and sexual abuse. The significant growth of child abuse cases has made it necessary to create awareness among children and parents. The article aims to discuss the aftermath of child abuse among children. Related facts and figures that are essential to understand the reasons beside the rapid growth of child abuse are also discussed in this paper.

Child abuse – The Global Issue

In recent times, child abuse is considered as a global issue. There are various reasons behind its cause. Child abuse takes place when children do not meet the expectations of their parents. Majority cases of child abuse are observed in families that are affected by poverty, lack of education, violence among the family members, and unemployment. Furthermore, isolation and loneliness can also be a major factor leading to child abuse in society. Records have revealed that children facing unintended pregnancy are also neglected and suffer from physical violence. Such cases usually result in mistreatment of children during their pregnancy.
A report has revealed that the United States of America (USA) has the highest ratio of child abuse cases among developed nations. There are daily four to five cases related to child abuse reported in the USA. According to the Statistics of Child Abuse, more than 3 million cases are reported yearly in the USA. The study has disclosed that around 67,900children were affected by child abuse in 2013. Among those67,900 children, 80 per cent suffered from neglect, 18 per cent from physical abuse and 9 per cent suffered from sexual abuse.

How Child Abuse can be Stopped?

The purpose of this paper is to offer recommendations that are essential for preventing child abuse cases. The situation can be controlled and prevented by strengthening the skills of parents. Parents need to observe the progress of their children on regular basis. In schools, programs should be initiated to guide children to interact with others. Besides, home nurses can also be appointed to ensure the caretaking of children on daily basis.


Considering the increase of child abuse in the USA, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) law was passed on federal and local levels to ensure the protection of children. The purpose of this law is to safeguard the interest of children and protect them from sexual, emotional and psychological abuses.


The issue of child abuse is observed in many underdeveloped including Latin America, Nigeria and India. In Nigeria, thousands of children are gone missing each year. It is estimated that these missing children are either kidnapped or forced to earn as the beggars. Many of kidnapped children become victims of child abuse. Itis presumed that certain mafias are regulating the business of child abuse for their vested interest. To increase the output of the business, children are often made disabled or scarred on the body so that they look poor and earn more money.

Health Issues from Child Abuse

Child abuse causes intense stress in children which could negatively affect the educational and professional career. A survey has revealed that child-abusing decreases the life average of a victim up to two decades compared to inexperienced children. Some chronic disease such as Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Liver Disease are interconnected with the early child abusing.

Point of view

Child abuse is a complex issue that can have serious and life-threatening consequences. Effective measures must be taken to resolve child abuse issue at the international and national level. Besides, the contribution of physicians in developing the health care standard for children would be a major role at the local and community level. Government agencies and NGO’s should also play a significant role in preventing child abuse from society.

Intellectual Virtues and Standards

Intellectual courage is very important to resolve the issue of child abuse. There must be aware of the consequences and gravity of this problem at a mass level. It is also important to have intellectual integrity by holding the same beliefs and ideas which are standardized practices. Intellectual integrity also requires a person to practice what he expects others to practice. Finally, confidence in reasoning is required to address the issue under discussion. Confidence in reasoning is a state that represents that the overall interest of humankind can be best served by allowing the unrestricted to play to a specific reason.
Intellectual standards must be considered to check the quality of reasoning about a certain problem for example; child abuse. The three intellectual standards important in the issue of child abuse are accuracy, breadth and fairness. Accuracy which raises the question whether the issue is really the truth or not? How can its validity be checked? Secondly, the standard is breadth which questions whether the point of view of others is considered or disregarded and whether there is another way to look into the matters. The third standard is fairness which questions the basis of perception. It also keeps a check on the fact whether the point of view of others is sympathetically represented or not.
Child abuse problem is a critical debate that has not derived a complete solution till yet. The issue needs to be resolved through intellectual courage and effective measures that can result in a productive outcome. The outcome is to prevent child abuse cases. It is essential to introduce heavy penalties for the offender of child abuse.



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