Cardiovascular Fitness

 Cardiovascular Fitness

Introduction to Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is the potential to hold aerobically challenging affairs of a different period. The main reason of death in the U.S is heart disease. Building up of cardiovascular fitness can decrease the threat of developing heart disease by improving the effectiveness of a human heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The simpler it is to transport blood through a body, reduce burdening it is on a heart. An individual’s heart decline power, the resilience of blood vessels, and the efficiency of blood to transfer oxygen, all boost up and get better if cardiovascular training is effectively accomplished.

Cardiovascular exercise also helps in supporting and maintaining a healthy body formation. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise, mainly at excessive potency, supply to a healthy Caloric burn. The fat that is stored on a body is restrained for a duration of the prolonged or intense task. Training of the cardiovascular system by elevated periods regulates the release of certain hormones, like testosterone and human growth hormone which stimulate fat loss. Whereas low-intensity, stable cardio burns a greater portion of fat, high-intensity exercise results in increased caloric intake burned and accelerate fat-burning enzymes.

Ultimately, achieving an effective cardiovascular fitness ensures that you can successfully accomplish cardiovascular activities such as hiking, biking, swimming and even strength training. Good cardiovascular practice enables you to work harder throughout intense training without feeling tired. It’s very usual to practice cardiovascular exercise as the only type of exercise. For instance, a normal marathoner has a very good level of cardiovascular fitness, but maybe he’s muscularly weak because of inadequate strength training and stiff because of repetitive exercise of same muscles. Studies conducted at the Center for Biopsychosocial AIDS Studies at the University of Miami reported that cardio exercises had a significant effect on controlling the symptoms of AIDS victims. Another study conducted at the Physical Education Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois observed that cardio exercise had a beneficial impact on the immune system of the aged.

Why Is Cardiovascular Fitness Important?

The core significance of cardiovascular fitness becomes apparent when its definition is clearly observed. Any activity that helps in supplying oxygen to the muscles of the body will eventually enhance the energy levels as well as enable the body to be more functional and effectual.

Cardiovascular Fitness and Longevity

Researchers included in the Harvard Health Alumni Study discovered a distinct connection between cardiovascular fitness and durability. In the research, the subjects included were male participants and the Harvard University alumni, who were free from any form of heart or pulmonary illness. The participants recorded their physical activities on a questionnaire. The study was longitudinal and that data was collected in several years. The researchers discovered that the subjects who showed the highest level of aerobic activity actually had the highest rate of endurance.

Cardiovascular Fitness and Immunity

Studies conducted at the Center for the Biopsychosocial Studies of AIDS at the University of Miami discovered that aerobic exercise comprises of a profound effect on managing the symptoms of AIDS patients. An additional study, which was conducted at the Physical Fitness Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois discovered that aerobic exercise had an optimistic influence on the immune function of the old aged person.

Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

Despite the several incorrect claims about spot reduction, the only way to get a slighter stomach and slimmer thighs are to decrease the intake of dietary fat and burn excess fat through aerobic exercise. It is important to understand that body has to reduce 3500 calories in order to lose one pound of body fat. The fact gives an understanding that why the American College of Sports Medicine has currently restructured their guidelines for aerobic activity. It is now suggested that 30 minutes to the one-hour activity of cardiovascular activity need to be performed on the alternative days of the week. Luckily, the body continues to lose calories at an accelerated pace for up to two hours after performing the aerobic activity.

Other Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

Normally, people with a high level of cardiovascular fitness possess lower blood pressure, low levels of LDL or “bad” cholesterol and high levels of HDL or “good” cholesterol. They consist of more stamina and energy, and the endorphins, which are secreted during aerobic exercise enhance their mood. In most cases, people who regularly participate in cardiovascular fitness programs have a lower resting pulse, which allows them to feel calmer during rest.


  • One of the very best advantages that a person can get from doing cardiovascular exercise is that it is extremely beneficial for the heart. The human heart is like the other parts of the body, in the way that it just helps to make it stronger and more effective.
  • Physical activity leads to a healthy and more efficacious heart, which eventually leads to a good circulatory system. Having good circulation is relevant in a variety of ways. A healthy circulatory system ensures that blood is flowing at a relatively high rate, which means that it is more difficult for bad cholesterol to develop.
  • Just as cardiovascular exercise makes a human heart gain strength and function more effectively, it also helps the lungs do the same things. Having a healthier pair of lungs in a chest contributes to greater physical activity.
  • Cardiovascular therapy is beneficial for a human’s mental wellbeing. Exercise can help to activate the brain to generate increased levels of different neurochemicals, such as dopamine, cannabinoids and serotonin.
  • Another factor that would positively impact a daily cardiovascular workout routine is that it will potentially give more energy during the day helps to give more and good sleep at night as well.
  • Cardiovascular exercise makes a person feel more confident in self and that will fulfil the need for self-esteem.
  • Another advantage an individual can gain from some daily cardiovascular exercise is that it helps in preventing diabetes.
  • Aerobic exercise can help people with asthma reduction, both the occurrence and intensity of asthma attacks.


  • Increased energy, one of the advantages of aerobic exercises, can backfire and prevent you from getting a little time to relax.
  • Cardiovascular exercises are built to place a stable stress level on your heart to keep it toned. Accelerated heart rate raises blood pressure temporarily, which is good for most people. Others with some health conditions, however, can react adversely to the strength of the workout
  • Logging countless hours of cardio can leave you physically and mentally exhausted.
  • While the body is in a carbohydrate state, it converts muscle into a source of fuel. Without enough fuel, one might risk losing hard-earned muscle mass.



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